Carpooling Accident

What Steps To Take If You Are Hurt In A Carpooling Accident?

Carpooling is a popular option among those who wish to save money on gas. It can also help in reducing the miles that a car can drive. Several counties & municipalities often establish carpool-only lanes on their highways as a means of promoting carpooling.

But what happens if you sustain injuries in an accident while driving a carpool or in a car with other carpoolers in it? Click here to know what to do if you are injured in a carpooling accident. 

What to do if you are injured in a carpooling accident?

You are entitled to damages if you were hurt in a carpooling accident due to someone else’s negligence. The accident victims have to file a claim with the at-fault party’s liability insurance if they are found to be at fault.

You must be able to prove that the carelessness of another person caused your injuries in order to be awarded compensation.

How did the crash occur?

Most car accidents occur by one or more negligent motorists who ignore the law. For example, a motorist was following too closely, speeding, or texting while driving a vehicle. However, distraction might be a significant factor in a carpooling accident.

Does Your Company Offer Rewards for Carpooling?

Certain firms offer rewards to their employees who want to ride together to work. This makes it possible for an employer to be held liable for losses in the case of an accident.

Owing to the respondeat superior principle, an employer may be held responsible vicariously for the careless acts of their employees.

What Happens If You Enter the Carpool Lane Illegally?

Some communities set up a carpool lane at specific hours of the day in an effort to encourage more people to carpool & reduce traffic. If you are a single driver at that time, you have no right to drive in the carpool lane.

The insurance provider will look for any reason to deny your claim. Attempting to shift some of the blame for the crash on you is part of this.

The insurance company will argue that since you breached the law & were in the carpool lane unlawfully, they shouldn’t have to compensate you for your accident.

What Difficulties Are Linked with Filing a Carpool Accident Claim?

  • Beyond the potential of having your claim denied, there are further difficulties in seeking compensation for a carpool accident.
  • Many individuals have the misconception that seeking compensation from the driver of the car they were traveling in will have a quick effect on the driver. 

Make sure you speak to a car accident lawyer and get the help you deserve!

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