Preparing For Questions in a Divorce Case

Preparing For Questions in a Divorce Case

Filing for a divorce is a huge step, and the outcome can drastically impact your entire life. An attorney will have many factors and questions to ask you about. You do not want to be underprepared when a question is asked of you. You want to be as prepared as possible if you have scheduled a consultation for legal advice

Speak to many legal experts and ensure you find the best divorce attorney for your case. Find the attorney who asks you the best questions relating to your case. The attorney who understands you will make sure to win the case for you. 

What questions can my attorney ask me? 

When you first meet with your attorney, they may ask you a few questions to develop a mindset and determine the facts about your case. Some of the questions that your attorney can ask you are: 

  • What brought about your decision to file for divorce? 

There are many justifications for a couple to divorce. Extramarital affairs, poor communication, abuse, a lack of closeness, etc., are a few of these causes. It is crucial to disclose the details of your divorce to your lawyer because they may affect how your case is resolved. Always tell the truth rather than attempt to mislead the lawyer into taking your case. He is helpless if an unanticipated fact is revealed in court. 

  • Has there ever been any abuse or drug usage during the marriage? 

Your lawyer must know of any history of abuse or drug use in your marriage. This can drastically change the outcome of your case. Do not think an attorney would not take your case just because it is abuse-related. Take action right away if you are going through a divorce. Reach out to an experienced divorce attorney and get the best help. 

  • What assets do you have in real estate? 

If you and your spouse have any property investments, you will need to distribute them after the divorce. You do not have to hide anything about the assets. Everything will be documented and on paper. You might need to visit a few clerk offices to file and execute the legal paperwork and documents. 

  • What assets do you and your spouse share? 

You and your spouse may also share additional possessions not limited to real estate. Everyone has different kinds of assets, and it is important that you get the rightful share of your assets when you are splitting up. Those need to be divided as well, so make sure to tell your attorney about them.

  • Do you have any children? 

You should let your lawyer know if you and your spouse have kids together, especially if any of them are minors. Child custody is a significant consideration during a divorce. 

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