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What To Know About Lift And Slide Doors – Pros, Cons, And Function

The striking appearance of lift and slide doors makes them a popular choice for many homeowners. Whether passing between an upper level and a deck in a vacation loft or between an indoor and outdoor dining space in a family home, there are many settings where these see-through doors are well-placed. 

Are they right for your home? Let’s look at what makes them a great choice for some – and a miss for others. 


What are Lift and Slide Doors?


A lift and slide door is a style of door most often used for an entrance and exit to an outdoor space. The style consists of large, usually continuous panes of glass, framed by aluminum or other lightweight metals. These frames are then mounted into gliding guides which allow them to move smoothly and easily along a track.


Usually, these doors can open in several ways. This might mean doors that move both left and right along their track, as well as doors that part in the middle. The exact function and movement of the doors vary by style and size, but these doors are generally chosen for their ease of movement and unobstructed outdoor views. 


The turning of the knob affixed to the door either seals or unseals the weather-proof gaskets that are built into the door’s design. This makes the door airtight and watertight when closed and locked. 


Since lift and slide doors are often mostly comprised of glass, they can be much more expensive than other styles of doors. This is especially true when these doors are highly decorative or have higher-quality or thicker panes of glass.


While the average sliding door can range from $1,000-$4,000, lift and slide doors cost around $6,000-$8,000, with prices soaring well past $10,000 for more ornate doors. This owes to their size, more complicated function, and construction when compared to other styles and types of doors. 




The view through the glass of lift and slide doors is the primary reason why many homeowners choose this type of door. For those who are hoping for better and clearer views of their outdoor spaces, there are few better choices. Even the plainest lift and slide doors offer beautiful, unobstructed views of what lies beyond them.


The free and easy movement of these doors is also a benefit for many people. If you choose to install them in spaces where indoor and outdoor living meet, you will quickly see what an asset they can be to this setting. They are most often used for doorways that lead onto patios, porches, and other outdoor living spaces. The transparency of these doors makes sense in these spaces since they allow easier and more natural indoor-outdoor living.


Potential Drawbacks


The most obvious drawback of a lift and slide door is the large expanse of glass that each frame contains. While this offers beautiful views of the outdoor space beyond the door, it also increases the potential for a break-in by a determined thief. Breaking the glass would also be possible for a wayward baseball, storm-blown tree branch, or other hard object aimed at the door. 

Likewise, the views that make these doors so endearing for some can make them a poor choice for others. If you prefer more privacy or have expensive items in your home that you don’t want to make visible to passersby, they might not be the right doors for you.


Still, the benefits of these doors outweigh their drawbacks for many homeowners aluminium door price

Are lift and slide doors worth the investment for you? That depends on where and how you intend to use them. To consider the pros and cons more effectively, speak to your local retailer to learn more. 

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