affinity aipowered series menlo ventures 600m

affinity aipowered series menlo ventures 600m

Affinity AI-Powered Series Raises $60M in Funding Led by Menlo Ventures

Affinity, a leading relationship intelligence platform, has recently announced the successful completion of its Series C funding round, raising $60 million. The funding was led by Menlo Ventures, a venture capital firm known for its investments in innovative technology companies. This latest round of funding brings Affinity’s total funding to $120 million, highlighting the company’s rapid growth and market potential.

Driving Relationship Intelligence with AI

Affinity utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to provide organizations with valuable insights into their professional relationships. By analyzing data from various sources such as emails, calendars, and external databases, Affinity’s platform enables users to better understand their network and make informed decisions. The AI-powered algorithms identify patterns, track interactions, and offer recommendations to help users strengthen their relationships and drive business growth.

The platform’s intuitive interface and powerful features have made it a popular choice among professionals across industries. Affinity’s user-friendly design allows users to easily navigate through their network, view relationship history, and access relevant information. Additionally, the platform’s integration with popular productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace enhances user experience and streamlines workflow.

Expanding Market Reach and Future Growth

The successful completion of the Series C funding round signifies a significant milestone for Affinity. The additional capital will be utilized to further develop the platform’s capabilities, expand market reach, and accelerate growth. With the support of Menlo Ventures and other investors, Affinity aims to solidify its position as a leader in relationship intelligence and capitalize on the growing demand for AI-powered solutions in the business landscape.

Affinity has already established a strong presence in various sectors, including venture capital, private equity, and investment banking. The platform’s ability to streamline deal sourcing, track investor relationships, and enhance collaboration has made it an indispensable tool for professionals in these industries. Moving forward, Affinity plans to leverage its funding to penetrate new markets and cater to a wider range of industries seeking to optimize their relationship management processes.


Affinity’s successful Series C funding round, led by Menlo Ventures, highlights the company’s growing prominence in the relationship intelligence space. With its AI-powered platform, Affinity offers organizations valuable insights into their professional networks, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive business growth. The additional funding will fuel the company’s expansion efforts and enable it to further enhance its platform’s capabilities. As Affinity continues to innovate and penetrate new markets, it is poised to become a key player in the AI-driven relationship intelligence industry.

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