Tel Aviv-based raises $22M in funding round led by Wiggers VentureBeat

Tel Aviv-based startup has recently secured $22 million in a funding round led by Wiggers VentureBeat. The company, which specializes in developing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the transportation industry, aims to revolutionize public transportation systems with its innovative technology. This latest investment will enable to further develop its AI-powered platform and expand its operations globally. With the growing demand for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions, is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the industry.

Enhancing Public Transportation Efficiency with AI’s core offering is an AI-powered platform that optimizes public transportation systems. By analyzing vast amounts of data, including passenger flow, traffic patterns, and real-time information, the platform can generate accurate predictions and recommendations for improving the efficiency of public transportation networks. This enables transportation authorities and operators to make data-driven decisions and implement targeted improvements to enhance the overall passenger experience.

The use of AI in public transportation has the potential to address several challenges faced by cities worldwide. By optimizing routes, reducing congestion, and improving scheduling, AI-powered systems can help alleviate traffic congestion, decrease travel times, and minimize environmental impact.’s platform aims to be at the forefront of this transformation by providing cutting-edge technology that enables cities to create smarter and more sustainable transportation networks.

Driving Innovation in the Transportation Industry’s recent funding round, led by Wiggers VentureBeat, highlights the growing interest and investment in AI solutions for the transportation industry. The company’s unique approach to optimizing public transportation systems has garnered attention from investors who recognize the potential for significant impact and returns. With this new funding, plans to accelerate its research and development efforts, further refine its AI algorithms, and expand its customer base globally.

The transportation industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by advancements in technology and changing consumer preferences. As cities strive to create more sustainable and efficient transportation networks, innovative solutions like’s platform are becoming increasingly valuable. By leveraging AI and big data analytics, aims to help cities and transportation authorities make informed decisions that improve the overall efficiency and reliability of public transportation systems.

Expanding Global Operations

With the $22 million funding secured, is well-positioned to expand its operations globally. The company plans to establish strategic partnerships with transportation authorities and operators in key markets, enabling them to leverage the power of AI to optimize their public transportation systems. By collaborating with local stakeholders, aims to tailor its platform to meet the unique needs and challenges of each city, ensuring maximum impact and value.

The global market for smart transportation solutions is projected to grow significantly in the coming years, driven by increasing urbanization and the need for sustainable mobility options.’s AI-powered platform positions the company as a key player in this market, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the complex challenges faced by transportation authorities worldwide. With its expanded operations, aims to become a trusted partner for cities looking to transform their public transportation systems and create a more connected and efficient urban envi’s recent funding round, led by Wiggers VentureBeat, marks an important milestone for the Tel Aviv-based startup. With $22 million in investment, the company is well-equipped to further develop its AI-powered platform and expand its operations globally. By leveraging AI and big data analytics, aims to revolutionize public transportation systems, making them more efficient, sustainable, and passenger-centric. With the growing demand for smart transportation solutions, is poised to make a significant impact in the industry and drive innovation in the years to come.


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